Collaborative Conversations

Include More Voices - Make Better Choices

The Purpose of Collaborative Conversations is to include more voices in the conversations needed to create a mutually desired future, and to make better choices as a result of the broadened inclusion - even if there are hundreds of people involved.

The Value of Collaborative Conversations is that people can:

    ~  Arrive at a clear idea of what is important to them regarding specific issues.

    ~  Explore what is possible based on the constraints they are operating under. 

    ~  Determine and coordinate effective actions that produce desired outcomes. 

    ~  Critically reflect and learn in order to improve their future conversations.

The Results of Collaborative Conversations include:

    ~   Teams that thrive.

    ~   Reduced waste.

    ~   Increased productivity and ownership.

    ~   Less conflict and fewer power struggles.

    ~   Greater creativity and innovation.  

    ~   Wiser decisions and happier people.

Image above: Participants at the Taiwan Society for Organizational Learning Conference explore the question of how they can create a future filled with beauty for themselves and their children. Photo by Ken Homer.

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