Collaborative Conversations

Include More Voices - Make Better Choices

Collaborative Conversations work by connecting people to an intuitive
set of listening skills, and providing a clear map of conversations that lead to effective action.

There now exist numerous proven methodologies for convening large groups of people in collaborative and productive conversations. However, the vast majority of people and organizations are unaware that it is possible to gather dozens or even hundreds of people in a room and have them develop real world practical results in the course of a few hours or days - even when faced with great complexity.

Collaborative conversations encourage each of us to take responsibility for what we create together. What we talk about is important, but how we talk together is where the real work lies. Creating the conditions under which we can productively engage in explorations around challenging and complex issues means we need to design conversations that will:  


    ~   Foster trust and accountability among all stake holders.

    ~   Encourage and support diverse perspectives and thinking.

    ~   Use divergence and dissent to open new possibilities.

    ~   Bring attention to what we are creating when we are together.

    ~   Focus on the questions that directly touch and impact our lives.

This is the essence of Collaborative Conversations. 

How effective are your collaborative efforts? If they’re not as good as you’d like them to be, Collaborative Conversations can make the difference that makes a difference.


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Image above: A detail from Avril Orloff’s graphic recording of progressive/conservative dialogue session held as part of the National Coalition on Dialogue and Deliberation conference 2008. Photo by Ken Homer